“She Was Just a Struggling Person”

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As a child, Timothy Bell was terrified of his mother. He escaped her abuse at age 12 and lived on the streets for a summer. Years later, after his mother died, Timothy made a discovery that changed his perception of her. In a new video recorded at Building Changes' "Talk It Up: Stories of Home, Lost & Found" event, Timothy shares his story and talks about his current work with youth who are in foster care.

“We Got a Phone Call That Our House Had Burned Down”

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Liz Allen's house went up in flames when she was 13, and her family lost nearly all their belongings. Her mom tried to spin the following weeks as an adventure -- their family was going to stay in a hotel with a pool! But the challenges of instability eventually weighed heavy, and grief struck on a night when Liz didn’t expect it. In a new video recorded at Building Changes' "Talk It Up: Stories of Home, Lost & Found" event, Liz shares her story and talks about how her experiences relate to the advocacy work she does now.

“First We Cry, Then We Take Action”: Moving Forward After Point In Time Counts

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The number of people sleeping outdoors in King County increased by 19 percent in a year. Reports about homelessness from across the state are similarly grim, but there is reason for hope. Community members and policymakers are paying attention to homelessness and housing, and now is a great time to advocate for policies that will help end our statewide crisis.

“I Feel Like Seattle May Be Kicking Me Out”

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Law student Josh loves Seattle, but rising rent prices make him doubt whether he'll be able to continue living in the city. The lack of affordable housing is a crisis not only in Seattle, but also in many communities across the state. Do you want to live in a community where everybody has the opportunity to live in a safe, healthy, affordable home? Then prepare to take action as we head into the state legislative session, which begins on Jan. 11. We share how.
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