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Our blog is a space for stories about homelessness, as well as ideas for creating economic security for women and families. You’ll often see posts from advocates across the state. We’d love to share your contributions, too. Get in touch with your ideas for the blog.

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Artists, Innovators and Advocates Create Change Together

Attendees of "Create Change: Youth & Family Homelessness and the Arts" participate in Firesteel's <a href="" target="_blank">photo booth</a>.
Attendees of "Create Change: Youth & Family Homelessness and the Arts" participate in Firesteel's photo booth.
Happy Election Day! If you haven’t yet voted, please find a ballot drop box near you and take care of that. Then read about a celebration of civic participation we were honored to co-present. “Create Change: Youth & Family Homelessness and the Arts” brought our community together to use creativity to address our housing and homelessness crisis. The daylong event was moving and fun and beautiful, and we’re excited to share a Storify recap created by our friend Shan Yonamine at Seattle University’s Project on Family Homelessness.

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“Streetwise Revisited”: 30 Years of Impactful Storytelling

Over three decades, Mary Ellen Mark and Martin Bell documented the life of Erin Blackwell. She’d left home at the age of 13 and started living on the streets of downtown Seattle. A photo exhibit and two films featuring her story can help us understand the many issues surrounding homelessness — including the reality that it’s hard to navigate life without stable housing, a caring family, or strong social support. Firesteel volunteer Peggy Liao reflects on the “Streetwise Revisited” project, and invites you to join “Create Change,” an interactive day of art, inspiration and civic engagement this Saturday.

“I’ve Always Been on Edge Because of Not Making Enough Money”

Six years ago, Cherie Moore was featured on the front page of the Seattle Times. A large photo shows Cherie in the front seat of an old Ford truck, her hand over her mouth, worry in her eyes. Her teenage son, Cody, is in the passenger seat, staring straight ahead. Everything they own is in the vehicle, their only shelter. As the story was reported, Cherie and Cody connected with resources and moved into an apartment. Their struggle with homelessness didn’t end there, though.

“I Want People to Have a Voice”: Volunteers Lead Voter Registration Project

Registering to vote online is the easiest way to ensure that your voice is heard in November’s election. With the online registration deadline coming up on Monday (!), we wanted to remind you to not only register, but also to spread the word. Need a little inspiration? Read the story of four amazing women who are helping their communities register to vote.

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