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A Great Way to Advocate? Saying Thank You

Firesteel is all about structural change and a large part of that happens through legislative advocacy. We want help translate what goes on in our state Capitol and make advocacy more accessible for you. That's our Pierce County YWCA on the steps of the Capitol building! Want to know how to help pass policies that will directly support homeless programs, including YWCA housing programs? Visit our bill page and advocate by simply clicking the endorse button. Firesteel has endorsed two bills, translates them for you, and gives you ideas on how to help them pass. Your voice (or mouse click!) makes a difference! And a "Thank You" goes a long way in reinforcing good policies. 

We’re Here! Now What ARE We?

Welcome to Firesteel! We are a statewide advocacy network led by Washington YWCAs with a commitment to end homelessness in Washington State. Just how are we going to do that? Read on!

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