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Tell Your Story on TV Like a Pro

Television talk shows are an excellent way to share your advocacy message with a large audience. But how does someone get booked to appear on one? And what makes for a successful TV appearance? Tiana Quitugua from the Seattle University Project on Family Homelessness set out to answer those questions and more. She attended the live taping of communication expert Whitney Keyes’s recent appearance on New Day Northwest, and asked Whitney for her top tips on talk show advocacy. Get a look behind the scenes, and learn how to tell your story on TV like a pro!

Photo Booth Advocacy: Nine Tips for Picturing Success

Followers of this blog have heard about the success and fun we had with our photo booth at this year's Housing and Homelessness Advocacy Day. In Olympia, we had the privilege of inviting committed housing advocates to pose for a picture displaying an advocacy message of their choice. At the same time, Seattle University student Tiana Quitugua was hosting her own photo booth on campus. She was not only asking her peers to pose for a photo, but also providing information about housing and homelessness that was new to some students. Tiana was kind to share some insights from her experience. Read on for great tips and fun photos!

Using Social Media on Advocacy Day and Beyond!

Calling all twitterers and Facebook fans! Social networks are a great place to share your thoughts on housing, and to rally your friends to advocate for policies that will end homelessness. Take social media to the next level! Join our free Social Media 201 Google+ Hangout this Monday, Jan. 13.

#YWHangout: Social Media 101 for Housing Advocates

Watch this #YWHangout to learn how to use tools like Twitter and Facebook for housing advocacy. You’ll master the basics of engaging your contacts in housing and homelessness issues that matter to you. You’ll also find out how to directly connect with decision makers. Your online voice will help give everyone the opportunity to live in a safe, healthy, affordable home.

5 Social Media Tips from WA legislators

I attended my very first Seattle/King County Coalition On Homelessness meeting last Thursday. The Coalition invited state legislators to attend the meeting so that we could thank them for their hard work in 2012. Having legislators present also provided us with the opportunity to ask questions and have a frank policy discussion with decision makers. I posed a question asking how we can better use social media to communicate with and influence policymakers. I received a 5 step answer in response. 

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