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Spark Change Podcast Episode 11: Creating Images Quickly

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Images are an important part of any digital advocate’s toolkit. The right image can draw people into your content, and also help them visualize and remember information. And on social media, your audience is more likely to share images than other types of posts. Today on the Spark Change Podcast, we talk about strategies for using different types of images, and free online tools for creating them.

Can It Be Easy to End Homelessness?

Organizers of Seattle's first Hack to End Homelessness went to great lengths to make sure their event would have only positive outcomes, in the form of both tech solutions and an expanded awareness of the complexity of homelessness. And they made it easy for participants and collaborators. Because we felt the Hack was an example of organizing and community-building done right, we invited Candace Faber to write about her experience managing the initiative. She shares seven lessons she learned while pulling off a successful event.

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