Increase Economic Security Through Family and Medical Leave Insurance

When a new child comes into a family or a serious illness strikes, people need longer periods of time off. Several states already provide programs so all workers have income during those times when caring for family or health must come first. Washington’s FAMLI Act would provide income when workers must take extended leaves of up to 12 weeks for the birth or adoption of a child, or the serious health condition of the worker or a close family member, financed through low-cost payroll premiums.

Unfortunately, the FAMLI Act did not receive a required hearing and failed in 2016. However, advocates elevated the conversation about the importance of family and medical leave. There is still a way you can support this policy: During election season, please ask your state candidates, “Will YOU prioritize passing family and medical leave insurance in 2017?”

Learn more about the FAMLI Act on the Washington Work and Families Coalition website.