Workshops & Consulting

We offer workshops and consulting services on a sliding fee scale. Check out our social media training topics, and our video storytelling services.

Social Media Training

You may choose from the following topics. Whether you select one or a combination, the training can be tailored to best fit your needs. Suggested workshop times are in parentheses.

Social Media for Advocates 101 (2 hours)

We will explore the benefits of integrating social media within our advocacy causes and evaluate the strengths of different social media platforms. “How-to” strategy and technical instructions are then provided with an emphasis on Facebook, Twitter, and other potential website content such as blogging.

Social Media for Advocates: Beyond the Basics (1-2 hours)

Already doing social media? Interested in developing your digital strategy even further? Let’s go beyond the basics and talk about spaces such as Pinterest, YouTube, and Google+. We’ll share our messaging content goals and then consider new ways to share and promote it.

Taking Advocacy Mobile (1.5 hours)

Mobile phone use is quickly growing and soon more people will access internet by mobile rather than home computer. How do we leverage this to support our advocacy causes? We’ll learn how to use your smart phone to share advocacy messaging, from social media apps to capturing photo and video.

Digital Tools + Trends: Advanced Digital Engagement (1-2 hours)

This training targets those advocates who want to go the extra mile. We’ll explore digital trends and how best to use them in the advocacy world. There are new tools every day. Have you heard of Storify? Google + Hangouts? SoundCloud? You’ll be familiar with these tools and more after this training!

Video Storytelling Services: Training, Consultation + Production

Video Production Training for Groups

$50-$150 per hour,  depending on organization’s annual budget

Our experienced instructors will teach your group how to produce videos that will educate, inspire, and start a conversation with your community. Tailored trainings range from a crash course on using smartphones to capture and post video testimonials, to an in-depth workshop on crafting and distributing polished productions.

Video Storytelling Consultation

$50 per hour

How can your organization leverage video storytelling to advance your mission? We’ll answer that question with you as we work together to build a strategy for a successful digital campaign. Whatever your budget, we can help you develop a creative approach for planning, producing and distributing impactful content.

Video Production Contract Services

$25-$50 per hour, depending on production’s alignment with Firesteel’s mission

Hire Firesteel’s team to take care of the production work for you! Our storytellers have the sensitivity, technical skills and equipment to create compelling video content in collaboration with diverse stakeholders.

Training Fees

In order to accommodate the range of organization sizes and budgets in the non-profit community, we offer the following sliding scale fee structure:                 

Annual Budget Hourly Fee
Under $100,000 $50/hr
$100,000-$999,999 $100/hr
Over $1,000,000 $150/hr

Note on travel costs: If travel beyond 30 miles outside Seattle city limits is required, additional fees will be incorporated into the training, consultation or production agreement. Mileage will be based on IRS rates. 


Video Production Services Sample Time Budget

Every video project is different, and we’re happy to provide an estimate for your specific production. Below is a sample time estimate for an interview-based video between two and three minutes in length.

Production Step Estimated Time Required
Planning and scripting 4 hours
Filming 4 hours
Editing 10 hours
Revising 2 hours
20 hours total