Stand Against Racism: Seattle’s Housing History

We continue our Stand Against Racism blog series as we lead up to the April 27th Stand Against Racism event day. 

I recently was searching for a new rental and spending lots of time on Craigslist. Every time I move, I always consider what neighborhood I would prefer to live in and the characteristics that come with the neighborhood. Diversity is important to me but it seems odd that diversity is a characteristic that can be applied really to only a few neighborhoods, and those neighborhoods have changed over time. Why is this? I've come across a few resources that give great insight into the history of Seattle housing. We live with a legacy of structural racism that has shaped our neighborhoods. That racism may not be as overt today, but there is even more power in its current subtleties as it continues to influence our housing choices. 

Stand Against Racism: We Don’t Hire Your Kind Here

Our Stand Against Racism series kicks off with the YWCA Seattle I King I Snohomish Employment and Regional Services Director, Matt King, exploring the impact of racism in the criminal justice system. Discrimination may no longer be legal against groups defined by race, gender or other protected characteristics.  But there is at least one group against whom discrimination in employment and housing remains legal – those with criminal records. What does this have to do with race? Read on!

Stand Against Racism

In just over a week, we will begin another series called Stand Against Racism. Every year the YWCA aims to eliminate racism by raising awareness in an event called Stand Against Racism. YWCAs across the nation and other organizations are invited to participate in the event by coordinating their own "stand" on April 27, 2012. Community members are welcome to join any "stand", culminating in hundreds of thousands of people taking a Stand Against Racism across the US.    

Want to learn more about how Firesteel plans to participate? earn More.

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