As Lawmakers Gather in Olympia, We’re Launching a New Advocacy Tool

Written by Denise Miller, Firesteel Advocacy Manager

Welcome to the first week of the 2016 state legislative session, which continues through March 10. It’s time to get our advocacy on, and we’re going to do it in exciting, new ways!

This year, Firesteel is broadening our scope. In addition to advocating for policies that directly help end homelessness, we’re also focusing on a few bills that will build economic security for women and families. This expansion brings our advocacy work in line with our host organization, YWCA Seattle | King | Snohomish, as well as our partner YWCAs across Washington state.

Read all about the policies we’re supporting, and —new feature alert!— use our customizable email forms to send messages to your lawmakers. It’s now easier than ever to make your voice heard on issues that matter to you! Using the Do Gooder platform, it takes just a few moments to send your legislators a personalized note. If you’re ready to give it a try, advocate now for a bill that will protect renters from discrimination. (And if you have a moment, please let us know what you think about the new platform by leaving a comment below!)

We’d also love to have you advocate alongside us on social media and in person! Here are a couple of opportunities to do just that:

  • Join our Social Media 101 for Housing Advocates training next Thursday, Jan. 21 from 11:45am to 12:30pm. Learn to use your social media skills to advocate for affordable housing and other social-justice issues in this free online training. You can also join our co-presenters at Seattle University to watch the training, followed by an hour of in-person training. Two experts in social media for advocacy — Reiny Cohen of Washington Low Income Housing Alliance and Kizha Davidson of YWCA Seattle |King| Snohomish — will share tips and tricks to boost your online advocacy skills.
  • Come to Housing & Homelessness Advocacy Day in Olympia on Feb. 2. Get timely updates on affordable housing and homelessness legislation, attend workshops on how to talk to your elected officials and be the most effective advocate possible, and meetings with your lawmakers. It’s an amazing day of action, one of the best opportunities to make your voice heard.

See you soon, advocates!

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