Protect Renters From Discrimination

After Naomi and her daughter escaped domestic violence, they moved into transitional housing. Naomi says felt like she won the lottery when they received a housing choice (aka Section 8) voucher to help pay the rent for a permanent home. But it proved impossible to find a private landlord who would accept her voucher. Watch Naomi tell her story:

Naomi and other housing advocates are asking Washington state lawmakers to pass a bill that would prevent landlords from discriminating against tenants based on the source of their income. Many people across the state struggle to access affordable housing, and Section 8 vouchers are going unused even as homelessness increases. This legislation will literally open doors.

Update (Feb. 26, 2016): The bill that would have prevented discrimination based on source of income¬†passed the House, but failed to make it through the Senate. Thank you for all your advocacy messages; they played an important role in educating lawmakers about this policy. We’ll keep working on this issue until this form of discrimination is against the law.

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