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“You Allowing Us to Have a Stable Home Changed Everything”

“I was frustrated with searching and being rejected,” Alena Rogers says of the time she was homeless with her two young boys, applying for multiple apartments. Every landlord turned her down because of her past substance abuse problems and criminal history, even though she had turned her life around. During her search, Alena learned about the Landlord Liaison Project, a program that encourages landlords to use alternative criteria when screening homeless families. In return, landlords receive ongoing support and advice. In this conversation, Alena talks to her current landlord, Raj Kumar, about how they met and how she introduced him to the Landlord Liaison Project.

Their story aired on KUOW in June of 2015. A month prior to the broadcast, StoryCorps producer Eve Claxton interviewed Alena and Raj at a community event at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Visitor Center. That interview is included in this clip, courtesy of KUOW.

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